Expensive equipment, stocks of goods... Your company has valuable goods that can attract burglars. With Canordi, reinforce the security of your company . Your professional alarm system benefits from a 24/7 remote monitoring service, guaranteeing you permanent protection for your establishment and your employees.

A Canordi alarm for protection at all times

It's no secret that companies are particularly exposed to the risk of burglary. In question: their expensive computer parks and other reserves of goods that attract covetousness...

To effectively protect your establishment against theft and other intrusion attempts, choose the Canordi alarm. Thanks to our permanently available remote monitoring centre, you benefit from 24/7 protection of your professional premises . Coupled with high-tech equipment, the action of our surveillance agents is all the more effective.

All our security systems are indeed equipped with a central alarm with integrated intercom and motion detectors with photo sensor . A series of images thus taken automatically in the event of an intrusion, both day and night.

The alarm system is also designed to maintain a permanent connection between your company and the remote monitoring center , even in the event of a power cut or attempted jamming.
Our telesurveillance agents are therefore able to react and intervene in all circumstances. For your part, you also have the possibility of monitoring your premises remotely thanks to the My Canordi application.

In the event of an alert, our remote monitoring center listens silently to the premises, consults the photos taken by the detectors and, if necessary, calls anyone present in your company remotely via the intercom (request for identification and password). past). Your company is therefore effectively protected even when you are not on site.

How can I be sure that my alarm system will protect my business 24/7?

For the security of your company and your employees, you can trust Canordi, the European leader in alarms with remote monitoring. Its security experts will assist you in choosing your equipment, taking into account the specificities of your business premises and your professional activity.

Canordi alarm systems are all equipped with an anti-sabotage, anti-jamming function and hardware tests are performed remotely on a regular basis. In the event of abnormal manipulation of the elements of the alarm or use of a GSM jammer, the remote monitoring center is automatically alerted and intervenes.

To secure your business 24/7, a simple alarm is no longer enough, especially if your establishment is located in an isolated area. Opting for the Canordi alarm system with remote monitoring is the guarantee of permanent protection , even when you are not there.

(1)  After proven doubt has been cleared according to the conditions of article L. 613-6 of the internal security code.